NFL 2013 Pre-Season Week 2

Packers vs Rams

Bucaneers vs Patriots


Falcons at Ravens:

Panthers at Eagles

Lions at Browns
Chargers at Bears






9 thoughts on “NFL 2013 Pre-Season Week 2

  1. Where is the Buccaneers vs Patriots game. I emailed you saying I wanted the Packers, Buccaneers, and Texans games every week but you missed this week

  2. Sorry to see that the Falcons and Eagles games have already been KO’d by the NFL…any chance you can re-up? (Just my luck, I grabbed the Lions game first, and that’s the one that survives…)

    Also looking forward to when you can get the Raiders game up. Thanks.

    • Sure I will try to reup as possible. It is the pre-season so i just post what I can, unless there is a specific game you are looking for. I am mostly just posting popular PS and will have all Week 1.

      • Well, the Raiders games would be my requests. If you can do that, great. But thanks anyway.

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